Mark Henry


Mark has lived in Felixstowe for over 20 years.

Mark’s love of fitness, health and well-being grew out of having been a chronic child asthmatic - some school terms he didn’t make it in a single day, with weeks spent in oxygen tents in hospital etc. Mark counts himself very fortunate that by his late teens he had largely “grown out of the asthma” - and he learnt that if he stayed fit he could lead a normal, healthy life. Out of this he discovered gyms and fitness clubs - and the rest, as they say, is history!

Mark’s wife Jo runs “Studio8” (a bit further down Felixstowe High Street, where the old Remnant Shop/Fabric8 used to be a few years back behind Glow Hair and Beauty and next to the Blue Naan) - where we run our Coastside Fitness Classes (and where “Bounce” now hold their Felixstowe studio classes). Studio8 is also about to roll out the sensational “Paracise” - and other - classes.